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Toyota Hybrid - Six Million Sales

After another record-breaking year of hybrid sales, Toyota has proudly announced a further milestone in its hybrid growth, as global sales passed six million vehicles.

Having raced past the five million global sales mark only nine months earlier, this represents the quickest sale of one million hybrids in Toyota’s history.

17 years on from the launch of their first hybrid model, the Prius, Toyota hybrid sales are on the increase. Toyota and are now clear leaders in hybrid sales and production in Europe.

In the last year alone Toyota has sold a record 160,000 hybrid vehicles in Europe and its manufacturing plants in France (producing Yaris Hybrid) and the UK (Auris Hybrid and Auris Touring Sports Hybrid) have doubled their production volumes year-on-year.

With Toyota’s commitment to develop and deliver ever-better products and services in Europe under the philosophy of Toyota’s Global Vision, hybrid vehicles have a huge part to play in reducing the environmental effects cars have now and in the future.

At the end of last year it is calculated that Toyota Hybrid vehicles have contributed to the reduction of 41 million tonnes of CO2 and approximately 15 million kilolitres of fuel globally.

Toyota plans to launch a total of 15 new hybrid vehicles around the world in the next two years as well as expanding the countries and regions the vehicles they are sold in. For Toyota these innovative models are important in reducing environmental impact while bringing smiles to the faces of customers.

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