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My Toyota/Моята Toyota

Sustainability Purchasing Guidelines

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) and Toyota Motor Europe (TME) have continuously strived to contribute to the sustainable development of society through the manufacturing and distribution of high-quality and innovative products and services, as indicated in the ‘Guiding Principles at Toyota’ and the ‘Toyota Earth Charter’.
As Toyota’s business operations have expanded globally, more and more attention has been paid to sustainable development, to corporate social responsibilities and to environmental preservation, including climate change issues.
In 2002, we provided you with TME Environmental Purchasing Guidelines. Addressing the increased expectations towards sustainable development, TME revised the guidelines in 2007 to become the Green Purchasing Guidelines, which included ‘Contribution towards Sustainable Development’, focusing on good corporate citizenship.
In the 2010 edition, named Sustainability Guidelines, we have included the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy and Guidelines and added a separate chapter on chemical substance management, REACH, substances of concern, and recycling.
We would like our Suppliers and Business Partners to gain full understanding of our expectations towards sustainable development & good corporate citizenship, to assure legal compliance at all times, and to work together with TME in the spirit expressed in these Sustainability Guidelines.
In our 2013 edition we have closely aligned our Sustainable Purchasing Guidleines with TMC Green Purchasing & Supplier CSR Guidelines. This will help TME support our suppliers to meet global Toyota expectations with a background of a fast moving regulatory environment such as chemical management (REACH etc.)
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