1. Electrified
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Toyota Electrified

Learn about how we’re leading the charge towards an electrified world

We're proud to be the proven leaders in electrification. In 1997, we introduced the world's first Hybrid-Electric production car. Today, following over two decades of investment, we're developing the most complete range of electrified vehicles, with plans to launch 40 new or updated electric vehicles by 2025. With the choice of Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid, Hydrogen or Battery-Electric technology, you'll enjoy a power that's right for you, right now.


With a choice of 13 electrified vehicles, from self-charging Hybrid-Electric city cars to capable Battery-Electric vans, there’s something for everyone in the Toyota range.
Toyota C-HR
От 58 480,00 лв.
Toyota C-HR Center SUV
Prius Plug-in
От 86 480,00 лв.
Prius Plug-in Style
От 46 490,00 лв.
Yaris Fancy 5 врати
Corolla Cross
От 62 390,00 лв.
Corolla Cross Executive
Toyota bZ4X
От 104 980,00 лв.
Toyota bZ4X Comfort
Yaris Cross
От 48 990,00 лв.
Yaris Cross Light B-SUV 5 doors
Corolla Хечбек
От 0,00 лв.
Corolla Хечбек Comfort
Corolla Touring Sports
От 0,00 лв.
Corolla Touring Sports Comfort
От 49 250,00 лв.
Corolla Comfort
От 79 990,00 лв.
Camry Elegance
От 74 980,00 лв.
RAV4 Comfort SUV
RAV4 Plug-in Hybrid
От 110 480,00 лв.
RAV4 Plug-in Hybrid Style SUV
От 109 980,00 лв.
Highlander Executive SUV
Proace City Verso EV
От 97 990,00 лв.
Proace City Verso EV Shuttle Микробус
Proace City EV
От 86 990,00 лв.
Proace City EV Base L1 Панелен ван къса база 4 врати
Proace Verso EV
От 105 990,00 лв.
Proace Verso EV Base L1 Микробус
Proace EV
От 97 990,00 лв.
Proace EV Base Панелен ван дълга база 4 врати


Toyota Easy Plus

  • For those who don’t need flexibility but want to enhance their Toyota experience
  • Gain access to a wide range of concierge-style services and benefits
  • From travel to entertainment offers, as well as mobility and driving extras 
  • All available in a dedicated app. Let your car take you places